Family Friendly Fun

Its hard to travel and find a place for both kids and parents to all have fun. Radical Sports Tobago is the Caribbean's most diverse Family, Friendly, FUN Watersports Center. Everything we teach and rent to adults we also teach and rent to the kids. Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Sailing, Kayak, SUP, Ping Pong, Skateboarding, Climbing Wall, Spike ball, Cricket, Slack line, padder rackets, bean bag toss, tiki toss and more on the way.

Our Kids Experience

We often have 5 day kids events and after school activities, message us for more info 

Posted by admin on August 30th, 20215

Message us for more info and dates. You can also browse through many years of Radical fun to get a true taste of whats its like here during the year, Click the MORE icon below.


Check out the kids having fun


Stand up Paddle Boarding


Slack Line