Bio Luminesence Safari

We were the first to discover and offer Bioluminescence Tours in Tobago. Our commitment to zero polution including noise offers our guests a unique paddle experience that brings you really close to nature and its awe. Aside from the Bioluminescence there are many other surprises waiting on this Magical Adventure. Check out the reviews below...

"Nat Geo films bioluminescence in Tobago"

Nat Geo dropped in to take local look at Some of Tobago's Magic

101 Reason Tobago August 15th, 20205

We were really excited to have discovered this amazing natual phenomena, and through the magic of Nat Geo we are able to bring you a taste along with some of the irresistible Tobago Flavor

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Plan your next vacation with one of our Bio Tours and see what all the hype is about.

Cost $60 USD20045

This Adventure Safari requires some effort as we visit the Bio Bay by Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Board. With these vessels we add no chemicals or other harmful contaminents to this sensitive area. The Tour is approximatley 2.5 hours and includes many surprises along the way. Its important to note that the Bio is on a cycle for optimal viewing so check the cycle dates and join the fun.